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We welcome all new members regardless of age, gender, and ethnicity.

20th century warfare society c20-  1914-21 society
20th century warfare society c20

Whichever army  you choose to portray we are sure we can find a home for you within the society. As long as you are happy to meet our standards of safety and authenticity then we will get along just fine.

Many of our groups can help with lending kit for your first few events and then will give you guidance when you when you come to acquire your own.

Once you have made contact, you will be given the contact details of the specific group that you want to join.

We never forget that as well as commemorating the past and educating the present generations we are there to enjoy ourselves too.

We hope to see you in the field soon!

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You can also contact us for any inquiries or booking through the enlist here button.

14th olonetsky feld webel- 20th century warfare society c20- 1914-21 society
unwinding after a long day at the front