Croix de Lorraine


Coix de Lorraine covers all aspects of civilian life including Civil defence and resistance.

We hope the information here will help you get yourself kitted out and answer many of your questions, but please feel free to contact either Paul or Debby for anything we haven’t covered.

We portray French Army, BEF, SOE and French Resistance from 1914 to 1960. We are completely apolitical, both in our everyday dealings andin our portrayals and we do not welcome people with extreme views of anypolitical leaning. We don’t charge a membership fee, but do insist on you having Public Liability Insurance to cover the group at public events. The membership year runs from January and all members will serve a full probationary year initially.

Key members of the CdL are also members of the AALMA (Association des Amis de la Ligne Maginot en Alsace)

CdL are regulars at the monthly Chatham Militaria Fair