16th Regt Hennigs Von Treffenfeld


The Uhlans Regiment No. 16 was donated on 27 September 1866. The Royal commissariat of the IV. Corps in Magdeburg then informed the Salzwedeler magistrate that the 1st and 2nd Squadron in Salzwedel, the 3rd and 4th Squadron will be housed in Gardelegen.

In fact, the troops arrived in November. Until October, the garrison Salzwedel reached a strength of 19 officers, 448 officers and men, 46 officers’ horses, 431 servants. At this time, King had Wilhelm I. The Lancers occasion of a Collection of Arms in Letzlingen already with the addition Altm√§rkisches honored.

13165854_10153440075071813_3426035453955149401_nAfter participating in the Franco-German War of 1870-71 and especially the death ride of Mars La Tour is the regiment in 1890 on the birthday of Emperor Wilhelm II. Another honor. It receives the nickname “Hennig of Treffenfeld”, a general from the Altmark, located in the Battle of Fehrbellin distinguished.

With the First World War ended soon after the story of the Uhlan Regiment. It was in August 1914 during the campaign by Belgium to France used and it remained throughout the war in the west . The mobile cavalry, however, did not play any role on the frozen front. Five squadrons were from July 1916 spread over several infantry divisions in northern France in order here to provide patrol and protection services. Of the 6th Squadron was 33rd Reserve Division allocated and still found use in Galicia .

Some units were still 1919 in Lithuania act as border guards, at this time the regiment had but actually to exist already stopped. The returning units were in the same year demobilized and then dissolved.