14th olonetsky

Imperial Russian forces

The regiment was formed as Major-General Brandt’s musketeer regiment on August 20th 1798 in Uglich and consisted of two battalions. On 22nd April 1799 the regiment received a new honorary chief; the name of the regiment was changed to Major-general Merkulov’s Musketeer regiment and on the order of Alexander I on 31st March 1801,  the regiment was designated a third battalion.

At the outbreak of the war, the 14th regiment was part of the 4th infantry division, 6th army corps stationed at Lomza in Poland. From the 2nd of August the 6th army corps was part of Samsonov’s 2nd army. 22nd of September 1914 the remnants of the regiment served as part of the 10th army under Gen. Seivers until the 15th of December the same year when they were moved to the 1st army under Gen. Rennankampf. They remained as part of the 1st army until the 8th of June 1915 when they were transferred to the 11th army where they remained until 1917. The regiment served in East Prussia, Poland and Galicia.

14th olonetsky regiment- 1914-21 society c20
14th olonetsky infantry regiment

As a group we strive to accurately portray the soldiers of the regiment during WW1 and the Russian Civil war. We welcome individuals and families who share our passion for history and we will strive to accommodate you and help you to develop your interest.

The 14th Olonetsky Infantry Regiment are recruiting and if you are keen to join us then all we ask is that you try to meet our aspiration to be as historically authentic as
possible, paying attention to the fine detail of our various uniform
impressions. Our watchword is quality not quantity. That said you will
find us to be a welcoming group who share a common interest in Russian culture and history. We are a family friendly society who can offer practical advice on where to source items of equipment, uniforms and historical information.

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14th olonetsky regiment- 1914-21 society c20
20th century warfare society c20
14th olonetsky regiment- 1914-21 society c20
14th olonetsky regiment- 1914-21 society